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migrate WordPress in 3 steps

Managed WordPress Hosting

Migrate your existing WordPress website to our Managed WordPress hosting services using the 3 simple steps shown in the image on the left!

Our Managed WordPress hosting offers increased security, dedicated load balancing servers, optimized WordPress platform, automated 30 day backups, automatic updates, caching, and more!

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Special Offers

One price does not work for all websites this is why we provide you a quote before we start building. You don’t pay me until I finish and you’re happy.

Pick Your Budget

Tell me what you would like to pay for your website and I’ll work around it. I understand everyone has a budget and I want to do whats best for both parties. You’re not going to get this very often.

À la carte

Need a plugin or theme installed, malware removed, security increased, site updated or anything in between? I can do it for a low $40 per hour rate. Most updates are done within the hour.

Best Practices for SEO

You can’t afford to not be found on search engines. What is the point of having an amazing site if no one can find you? We use all the best practices on your website to ensure you rank higher.

Modern Designs

This is 2015 and you deserve a site that shows it. Don’t get stuck with a website that looks like it was created when the internet first became popular.

Social Media is Important

If you aren’t on social media, you’re likely not going to be very successful. We’ll help you set up all of your social media profiles so you can start connecting with your customers.

Also, social media not only helps with connecting with your customer’s, its also a free way to advertise and market to them and future customer’s!

search engine optimization for your website.
social media

Have you fallen in love yet? Let us create your next website!

We have the Best Support Around!

Our technical, billing, and sales support is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fully support you when you need it the most. We are also open holidays. Much like your businesses, there isn’t a time for rest and anything can happen. We’ve won awards for our excellent customer service. We truly aren’t happy unless you are.

  • Fully trained customer service representatives
  • Online business consultants ready to help you on the right path so you can be successful online.
  • Telephone and email support available. Chat support coming soon!

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